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Warning Note
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Laissez un message

Directions: Make a message on a poster for a teacher in the school warning them of some danger. Use the model below. Then post it on the teacher's door and record their reaction.

Indications : Créez un message pour un professeur dans l'école pour lui avertir d'un danger. Utilisez le modèle ci-dessous. Puis l'affichez à la porte du professeur et enregistrer leur réaction.

1. Rough Draft: Create your own warning by replacing: Papa, alligator, and garage.

2. Edit your note checking for
        a. Copying errors
        b. Spelling

3. Recopy your note onto butcher paper. For once you can be sloppy! Make your note look as though a child wrote it. Add some childish drawings.

4. Get the note approved by the French teacher

5. Post the note on the door of the teacher to whom it is written.

6. Mark the box that best describes their reaction.

7. Report the reaction to the class.


Le professeur était...






en colère




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