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Horizonal Expansion


The Rooms of the House


1. Teacher introduces the rooms of the house by miming an action for each room. -"La cuisine" (mime stirring a soup)-"Le garage" (mime driving a car) Students imitate teacher. Gradually teacher stops doing the action and just says the word. Teacher can then check for understanding of the whole class, rows or individual students simply by saying the word. 

2. Teacher asks Natural Approach questions of students to help them identify the rooms in French.-"Est-ce la cuisine?"-"Est-ce le salon ou le garage?"-"Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

3. Teacher will show paintings by Francophone artists of rooms of the house. Students will identify the room.

4. Teacher will play sounds effects of various places in the home. Students try to guess the room.5. Students label the rooms on a house plan by choosing and copying words from the word bank.

5. Students label the rooms on a house plan by choosing and copying words from the word bank.


Students will aurally and writing identify the rooms of the house.


Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret written and spoken language pertaining to the rooms of the house.

Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of home through comparisons of the paintings of Francophone homes and their own.


la cuisine
la chambre
le salon
le garage
la salle de bains
le jardin
les toilettes
le vestiaire
Chez moi
  Est-ce… ?
Est-ce…ou… ?
c 'est… 
Qu'est-ce que c'est ?


Flashcards of rooms
Paintings by Francophone Artists
Tape of Sound Effects
Tape recorder
House Plan worksheet
Oral Assessment checklist


Students identify the rooms of the house orally. This is assessed both constantly during the lesson and with a checklist.


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