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Lesson 3
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Horizonal Expansion


"Il y a un alligator sous mon lit"


1. Review the rooms of the house and the furniture in Albert's House. Students try to guess where Albert is hiding. Albert is stuck with double-sided tape on back of one of the pictures.

2. Anticipation guide: Students write three fears on a post-it™ note. Using the conversation guide students share their fears with their partner.

3. Following the directions of the teacher in French the students post their fears on a large graph. Students and teacher discuss the most and the least common fears comparing with other classes.

4. Teacher tells the story "Il y a un alligator sous mon lit" with the illustrations and words.

5. The teacher retells the story with two students acting it out: one the alligator, the other the young boy.

6. Students put nine of the pictures in order. Then they match the sentence strips to the illustrations.


Students will listen and read the story.


Standard 1.1: Students engage in a conversation to their express feelings and emotions about their fears.

Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret written and spoken language pertaining to the story.


J'ai peur…
Je n'ai pas peur...
du noir
des fantômes
des serpents
des monstres
des insectes
des souris
de l'incendie d'accident
d'autre chose


Albert the Alligator's house & furniture
Fears conversation guide
Post-it™ notes & graph
"Il y a un alligator sous mon lit" story
Nine Story illustrations and sentence strips
Quiz: Story illustrations and text 


Students match the text of the story to the appropriate illustration.


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